Warp Speed

Another 2 and half weeks have come and gone.  Seriously, time seemed to go at a glacial speed in the months leading up to the best day… and since then… warp speed! 

I cannot even begin to explain how much I love these two wonderful little gifts God sent to us.

Life of Six

We are all finally adjusting to our new life as a family of six.  Of course; I’m learning as soon as I get comfortable with the current routine and stages with the boys they are on to the next! I’ve been quite humbled in my time as Mom!  I used to think I knew it ALL, these two 6 week old boys have taught me, I know NOTHING! I’m so thankful for our on call medical guru Auntie Lauren whom I seriously text weekly with “is this normal?” Or “should I be worried about…” Raising a tiny human…errr tiny humanS is like speaking Mandarin Chinese to me.  I have no idea what’s going on! I am also amazed at all the amazing mothers we are surrounded by who have rocked this parenting thing.  It wasn’t until I became a parent that I fully understood just how hard it really is!!  People have told me I’m doing a good job or they are impressed at what we’re doing, but I can honestly tell you I fail. every. single. day. However, Having the boys has given me the gift of a little more patience, which I so desperately needed. At the end of my pregnancy I had none… for most of my life I had very little.  Something about having these two babies has given me a brand new appreciation for just about everything and everyone that surrounds me.

One Month Older

One month checkups went great.  The boys astounded their pediatrician with their growth.  It has been off the charts fast!  Each are gaining a pound a week and over and inch! My arms better bulk up quick to keep carrying them around! Cullen is noticeably bigger than Jack, but it’s still only a pound difference in both and Jack has caught up in height. They are my big chunky monkey and little chunky monkey.  I’m pretty sure as twins they need to be prepared for a lifetime of comparisons.

Night Nurse/Life Saver

At the urging/suggestion of my in-laws we hired a night nurse for a couple nights a week.  Life. Saver. I was so excited and anxious for her first night.  Excited for sleeping longer than 4 hours and anxious about not being the one to be there in the middle of the night.  We are in week 2 and I can tell you all anxiety has passed and I look forward to the nights where my body will get to rejuvenate. Our night nurse is amazing as well.  We officially started the sleep training this week since the boys are big enough to wait for feedings.  The goal is sleeping through the night, obviously for preemies who are 1 week adjusted age this has taken a little longer.  Weight gain and getting up to newborn size was first and foremost.  Hopefully these little nuggets will be sleeping through the night soon!!

Highlights of the past two weeks

  1. Memaw and Grandpa moved in to their new house – 200 yards away! 
  2. Road trip as a family of 6 to the Alpine ranch – unfortunate reasons, but got to spend time with family we wouldn’t have normally seen for quite some time!
  3. One month check up went amazing!
  4. Cullen dealing with reflux – trying to find the right balance of formula and medication. Jack considerably less symptoms of reflux.
  5. Bought a mom car.
  6. Celebrated our first Easter 🐣 

I’m so excited for whatever comes next for us! We have a family vacation for Mothers Day that I’m so excited for, our second year wedding anniversary, and the end of the school year for the big kids. May will be full of exciting things for this family of six!


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