Playing Catch Up – The Birth

Wow!  Time is flying!  It was 3 weeks ago (tomorrow) that we were introduced to the handsome Cullen & Jack.  I seriously can’t really wrap my head around how quick the time has gone – seems the opposite of when I was waiting in the hospital to meet them!  So let’s back track a little…

Delivery Day

The day started at my usual time for hospital life, around 5 am.  I had to take an antiseptic shower and have my bed linens changed again.  They did this the night before too!  Then the nurses in Antepartum got my IV’s started (yes I had one in each arm which I was told because of two babies).  I didn’t have to monitor which was nice!  Finally, about 7-7:30am it was time to head to Labor & Delivery! It was only my second time on that floor in 7 weeks, but I was so happy to be there.  The rooms were WAY nicer in L&D than Antepartum!  Fluids were hooked up, processes were explained, and then we waited.  Getting to know my Doctor over the last 2 months made it no surprise when the nurses joked we were waiting on him… to probably get his morning Starbucks!  Closer to 9am (operation time) they took me to the OR and got me ready for surgery.  I was terrified of the spinal block shot as everything I had read was not pleasant.  I was bent over on the operating table and given the local numbing shot, it felt like a bee sting.  Then, a minute or so later came the big guy.  It was filled with pressure, but nothing out of this world painful.  They immediately laid me down and tilted the table so my head was down to let the medicine work its way down.  Now, that was a WEIRD feeling.  It felt like my whole body was asleep but I was certain I could feel everything and I started to worry that they would start cutting me open and I would feel it all.  Luckily, they did a test with a sharp point to see how much I could feel, and it went all the way to my collarbone.  She said I was short and the dosage was based on height so I think I was more numb than they planned.  Catheter.  I’ll skip the details.  And surgery time. 

I had two surgeons.  My usual doctor and another man I had never seen before.  There were about 20 people in total in the operating room.  Chris got to come in at this point as well, he immediately sat by my head and hid behind the curtain to avoid seeing anything traumatic!  They ran through the surgery plan, the nurse teams, the neonatologists waiting to assess the boys, and the surgeons.  Then we were off.  I can say, I didn’t feel a thing at first, definitely no cutting.  I could feel my body moving but nothing else.  At 9:33am we welcomed Cullen Mac.  I could hear the water being broken and an immediate loud cry.  He sounded like a baby duck and instantly tears were flowing down my face. In about 30 seconds the same thing happened for the second time and we got to say hello to Jack Hudson.  The boys were immediately taken to where the NICU teams were waiting to assess.  Both boys were doing great.  Jack got a quick admission to bedside, and we waited about 5 minutes before Cullen got bedside admission.  Thank God for healthy babies!  By all accounts, two babies born 5 weeks early going bedside was God working!  As the babies were being assessed, I was being closed up.  Chris got to go see the boys and I was stuck behind the sheet.  I was dying to know what they looked like and meet them.  It was the longest 10-15 minutes of my life.  I also was getting nauseous from the movement inside me, Chris came to check on me and said “I just saw your insides,” talk about a comment you don’t want to hear when you feel like throwing up!  They gave me some nausea medicine through the IV that helped and then FINALLY, I got to see a baby!  Chris brought one over and he was so tiny, it was instant love.  

Funny story, immediately after babies were delivered my OB stopped operating (the other doctor finished) and grabbed his cellphone to start snapping pictures of my placenta from Jack.  Apparently, it was a medical marvel by Velamentous Cord Insertion.  He always commented on the ultrasounds of it and it being interesting, I think he was waiting to get to see it first hand.  Chris snapped a photo of it after I made him, if a doctor feels the need after 20 years of delivering babies to snap a shot, it might be worth the memory.  I wont share it because it is graphic, but it’s cool.

Once I was closed up, they switched me back to my trusty old bed (that made it through 8 weeks with me) and handed me the boys!  It was awkward holding them lying flat, and still groggy, because I couldn’t see them really, but I was so happy they were there in my arms!  I was rolled back to my room where our parents and the two big kids were waiting.  Everyone was so happy and tears were flowing!

It was an easy, happy, wonderful delivery & I was so thankful to have my two boys with me finally.  It was a hard 7 weeks in that hospital, but God answered all prayers and gave us two miracle babies!

Cullen Mac – 5 lbs 7 oz – 17.5 inches born @ 9:33am

Jack Hudson – 4 lbs 7 oz – 17 inches born @ 9:34am

Proud Mom & Dad!!!


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