Week 7: Delivery Week!


49 days in the hospital.  I spent the entire month of February living at my hospital address. Crazy!  It takes on a whole new meaning that shock of a new month “Oh it’s already March?” when you sit in the same room for the entirety of the previous month!  This past week was an “exciting” one for me – which exciting means anything happened. It was definitely not exciting when it was happening – but luckily they were just false alarms!  I think my body got the memo that it’s getting close to delivery and tried to start practicing!

The week started with my first round of what felt like real contractions.  Of course, I typically contract daily it’s just tightening of the uterus and it doesn’t bother me, but on Monday night they were regular and painful.  I ASKED to be put on the monitors after my last session – a sign for the nurses I was being for real as much as I dislike monitoring! I ended up monitoring for almost 7 hours, got an IV with fluid, and three rounds of Demerol to try and see if the contractions would subside.  They weren’t going away, but my cervix wasn’t showing any signs of change after all the hours and the babies were doing fine so the doctor ended monitoring.  They kept me hooked up to the IV overnight (well it was the morning by this point) and by the time the doctor came back around the contractions had stopped.  They removed the IV and all seemed back to normal.  That was until Wednesday when it felt like a hippo was sitting on my chest and I couldn’t breathe – and my pulse was unusually slow (40s).  They ordered some tests and all was reporting back perfect.  The doctor on call thought it was either babies pushing up on my diaphragm and lungs causing the problem or tearing/stretching of cartilage between my ribs.  Either way, the next morning and I woke up to a pleasant surprise – I could breathe, and I could breathe better than I had been breathing before.  I think the babies dropped giving me some room.  I haven’t had any other issues since then, but it was the most action my little room had seen in 6 weeks.  I told the boys they needed to chill out until Wednesday and we would get them out… calmly!

We took our NICU tour yesterday.  It was something they told us the day we came in that we should schedule.  I don’t know if it was anxiety or scheduling, but we didn’t do it until yesterday. It was a lot to take in.  I don’t know if it ever would have been easier to do or if it being so close to their arrival made me more anxious. I know we are in a great situation and gestational age for very limited complications, but something about seeing these tiny little babies hooked up to machines in boxes was humbling.  I also couldn’t believe how small the babies were, and they weren’t even micro-preemies and all weighed 4lbs+, but the babies were much tinier than I could have imagined.  I really haven’t been able to conceptualize how small the boys are compared to what a full term (7lb+) baby would be until I saw the little cuties in the NICU.  We are praying for some strong, healthy breathing, eating and temperature regulating boys who have very limited time in the NICU for now, but we will know in less than 48 hours!

…and now for a survey wrapping up the experience of a lifetime – the last 34 weeks and 5 days of our lives – awaiting the arrival of our two boys!!

About the Mommy!
Name: Jaime
Age: 30
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel/Brown
First Child: Yes x 2

About the Daddy!
Name: Christopher
Age: 33
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
First Child: 3rd and 4th

Finding Out!!
What day did you find out?: August 17th
How did you feel when you found out?: Thrilled, nervous and disbelieving
Who was with you?: Hunter was home… but he wasn’t WITH ME… lol.  Chris was home about 15 minutes later.
Who was the first person you told?: Chris
How did they react?: Thrilled, nervous and disbelieving.  Ha.

Telling the Grandparents!!!
How did your parents react?: My parents were shocked and excited but had to contain it since we were with the kids and hadn’t told them yet. LOL When my mom found out it was twins she didn’t believe me… at all.
How did his parents react?: Tina and Ray were both excited (even though we highjacked their anniversary celebration) and couldn’t believe it was TWINS just like their Pa!  This one was fun because Cadence and Hunter got to get in on the news!  Tom couldn’t believe what we were telling him & was VERY excited for two more Wynn babies.
Are they helping with baby names?: We ran through so many names.  Tom did suggest Mac to honor Chris’ grandfather which ended up being a middle name!
Have they bought anything for the baby yet?: Um, yes a LOT.
How often do they call to check on you?: We get checked on all the time!!  We definitely wouldn’t have been able to make it through the last 7 weeks without the help of our parents!

About the Pregnancy!!!
When was your first appointment?: I think it was a week after we found out (for blood tests) then on September 8th we had our first ultrasound and found it we were having TWINS!
When is your due date?: March 8th
How far along are you?: 34 weeks and 5 days
Have you had any ultrasounds?: More than I can count!
Have you heard the heartbeat?: 200+ hours worth of heartbeat hearing over the last 49 days!
What was the heartbeat?: Right now Jack 150s and Cullen 130s
Sex of the baby: 2 boys

About the birth!!
Do you know what you are taking with you?: I’ve had it for 7 weeks! 🙂
Who is going to be with you?: Chris in the OR + about 15 medical staff… then our family will be at the hospital.
Are you going to videotape it?: HECK NO.
Natural or Medicated?: Medicated.
Do you think you will need a c-section?: Well, considering it’s a scheduled csection I’m going to go with YES.
Will you cry when you hold your baby for the first time?: Probably.
Do you think Daddy will cry?: I don’t think so.
Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold him/her?: I’m thinking something along the lines of, “Thank God you are finally here!”

Do you have a name picked out?: Cullen Mac (Baby A) and Jack Hudson (Baby B)
Is your baby going to be named after someone?: Jack -> my grandfathers nickname and Mac -> Chris’ grandfather’s nickname

Other Random Questions!!
Have you felt the baby move?: They are ALWAYS moving – Jack likes to attack my rib cage and Cullen is practicing his karate on my hip bone
What was your first symptom?: Fatigue.
Will your baby have God-Parents?: Haven’t thought about that.
What is the baby’s room theme?: Rustic/hunting/western
What was the first thing you bought for the baby?: We bought little outfits for when we told our parents/family – if that counts?
Will you cloth diaper?: No.
BFing or Formula?: Formula.
What is your favorite pregnancy book?: The Internet. HA
What do you look forward to doing again once you are no longer pregnant?: Not sitting in the hospital. Being able to bend forward. Drinking a glass of wine.  Taking a bath.
What physical features do you hope baby will get from Daddy?: His eyes.
What physical features do you hope baby will get from you?: Well I don’t particularly hope that two boys have any of my female physical features.
Is he ready to be a Daddy?: He already is – but I think he’s ready to add (AND STOP ADDING) to our family! 🙂
Are you ready to be a Mommy?: Very.

The next time I’ll be posting we will have two new additions to our family and I cannot wait!  This has been a very LONG 7 weeks, but the light is finally here!!!!




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