People Watching

One of my favorite activities to pass some time here in the hospital is people watching.  Luckily, I’m not constrained to my bed so I sometimes venture down to the lobby to kick back and watch.

My favorite kind of people to watch are the new parents leaving the hospital.  Usually there’s a father (with both hands packed with baby swag) walking about 20 feet in front of a mother in a wheelchair with a baby.  The looks on their faces make it priceless!  Without fail both parents have looked like they are going to pass out!

The best one has been a mom and dad loading up the baby.  The dad has the baby in his hands (awkwardly at best) attempting to figure out how in the world to get this tiny little human into the car seat.  He struggled for a few minutes almost as if he was afraid he was going to break the baby if he sat them down.  Finally, the poor tech who was simply pushing mom and baby in the hospital mandated wheelchair had to step in to help.  I didn’t stay to watch how it all played out in the end, but assuming since that car is no longer in the loading zone I think they got the baby loaded and home. It makes me laugh because I’m sure that car seat has been loaded for a month and the reality of now putting a living being in the seat was so overwhelming for that new dad!

I don’t know why this is all so humorous to me.  I know before long that couple will be Chris and I making our way out with TWO babies, but hopefully we don’t have the look of sheer terror on our faces leaving.  I do know the UHaul will have to be parked out front just to get my things home!! 🙂

If you’re ever interested in some entertainment in the hospital, check out the lobby & watch for the new parents most of them look something like this…😳


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