Week 5: Hospital Observation

35 days down. This past week was relatively uneventful for hospital life. The “final day” is fluid at best… 35 weeks, 36 weeks, maybe 34 weeks.  I think it depends on the day I ask the doctor when our estimated due date is going to be.  So, I’m just accepting the fact that somewhere between 9 and 23 days from now two baby boys will be arriving.  I want for them to AT LEAST make it 34 weeks when I’ve been told (read online) that a lot of the short-term problems that could happen are less likely – which is 9 days away.  I think we are pretty much set on some sort of NICU time with any arrival… however at 36 weeks that could be significantly shortened & a chance of no NICU time.  I think as any mom knows though, birth weight and complications aren’t something that we can predict with 100% certainty.

Saturday night I did start having noticeable contractions.  Initially, this freaked me out when they monitored and they were showing up every 10 minutes.  I had read that was early labor and I was not ready to have the babies.  The doctor seemed less worried, which wasn’t surprising given his general demeanor that I have yet to figure out.  I was just told “pre-term labor is common with multiples” – I wasn’t sure if he was telling me I was going into labor or what.  They continued to keep an eye on me (like they do every day) with more questions about contractions and pushing what felt like gallons of water on me.  They got better with the evening or spaced out and didn’t feel as intense so my anxiety subsided and I accepted that it was “normal”.  I slept amazingly last night.  I stopped taking the Ambien on Saturday evening as its effectiveness was noticeably lessening.  Hubs was spending the night Saturday and between his snoring and the contractions I got no sleep at all, so I was weary not taking the Ambien again Sunday night, but I decided to try it out.  It took forever to go to sleep with an overactive brain keeping me up.  After two hours of fighting with falling asleep I finally fell asleep.  I haven’t slept that hard and long in months… I only woke up once in the middle of the night and again for my 5am monitoring.  It felt great!!  The fact that I didn’t have to get up every hour was amazing in itself.

I’ve started to have my pre-baby anxiety.  Granted I consider myself a parent already, but I was blessed with those two kiddos when they were 7 and 4.  I’ve never had a baby & pretty soon I’m going to have TWO!  Life is going to get crazy!  Going home… having 4 kids… two school aged who have to have their lives keep moving without pausing for babies!  I have a wonderful family who I know will be there for us, but there are moments of reality setting in… any day (hopefully a week and a half or more worth of days) our lives are going to completely change… again… and I will have a brand new role of being responsible for two little lives!  That’s a crazy thought.


UberEATS has been great for overcoming the not so great hospital food!  The only thing I would caution is if you are on real bedrest (where you can’t walk out of your room) it won’t work.  UberEATS here is curbside so I do have to go downstairs but they meet me at the closest entrance. My meal tonight went something like this…

I got what they claim was pot roast and potatoes and immediately pulled up my UberEATS app to order Terra.  I’ve been holding that wonderful mediterranean gem in my pocket (since my husband and mother don’t share my desire of falafel). It was worth the wait.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK (if you can)

If you do know you will be spending some time in an antepartum unit (or any extended period of time in the hospital) I do suggest you go check out the hospital first.  If I could go back that would be something I would have done.  I assumed they were all similar and I didn’t have a choice, and while your doctor may affiliate with a certain hospital second opinions and KNOWING the entire picture is helpful.  Of course, some people don’t have a choice and this happens without knowing.  That is my two cents.  Just as you would check out your L&D unit before having a baby, check out their long term arrangements as well!

Oh yeah, and I should note Valentines Day was in the hospital.  My family came and we ordered some Chinese and ate in the cafeteria.  Very romantic!  I even changed out of my usual oversized t-shirt and shorts for the dinner!


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