Week 4: Hospital Observation

A whole month down.  28 days in the hospital.  I found out on Saturday instead of the 2 weeks more I thought I was going to be here – 4 more weeks.  So, I guess I can officially say I’m halfway there (like I thought I was last week)  I know that’s a good thing for the babies, and it means we have a chance of no NICU once the boys get here.  But, it was an upsetting shock when I found out it seemed like SO MUCH time when I was already struggling with 2 more weeks.  I got over it and am back on the positive side of things.  So, now I’m going to say March 16th is the date per the doctor as long as the boys stay in.

On Saturday I also had a sonogram.  Babies are measuring 3 pounds 12 ounces and 3 pounds 8 ounces.  Growing like crazy still.  Baby B is breech on my left side and Baby A is face down on my right.  The doctor said these are probably where they will stay until they make their debuts.  I already knew we would have a C-section, but Baby B being breech just kind of put the nail on that coffin.  Fetal monitoring for cord compression has been going well for the most part.  There have been more variables the last week than the previous 2-3 but nothing concerning.  I am contracting (more so during morning monitoring) but nothing hurts too bad & most of the time I don’t even notice it.  A few times contractions will take my breath away and it feels like there is a knot on my upper right quadrant.  I think it’s a baby moving or doing a back flip, but it’s sometimes uncomfortable.  I think I contract in the morning from lack of hydration overnight.  Nurses and doctor aren’t worried about it.

I officially am the “longest staying patient” on the floor.  There has been quite the influx of mommas to be up here.  I think when I got to the hospital there were maybe 6 people, now I would guesstimate 15-18 on average.  I don’t meet with any of the other moms, I think I’m one of the very few with the coveted privilege of activity ad lib.  I have decided that we’re going to have to “home-ify” the room to keep me sane for the next 33 days.  Some of the things I thought “oh I won’t do that it’s not that much longer” are going to happen now.  Another month, I need my sanity & if it takes making people think I’m crazy for updating my room (more than I already have) oh well! 🙂

What I’m Missing:

  • Clothes that fit. I think being pregnant means destroying every piece of clothing that you own.  At least for me. I have cut slits in my leggings, bras, shorts, everything.  These babies do not like restriction on my belly (ok and neither do I)
  • My bed.  I think that’s kind of obvious.  If it were not for my low-dose Ambient at night I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have slept the last month.  Do not underestimate how different sleeping in a hospital room is from anywhere else.  Lights, noise, and very limited room.  I cannot stress enough BRING YOUR OWN BEDDING & an egg-crate or mattress topper.  I’ve had it since day 1, and I can’t imagine not having them.  It helps, but it’s not my bed.
  • TV at a normal height. This one I don’t understand.  The TV is almost on the ceiling – on the right side of the room.  It is very awfully positioned.  I’ll blame this one on Texas Health design team.  It is not made for someone who may or may not be limited to their left side for hours at a time, and it’s a SMALL TV that you almost can’t see at the angle it’s hung.  One of those things I don’t understand.
  • The bathtub.  Still.

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