Week 3: Hospital Monitoring

21 days down.  25ish to go.  I’m counting it as halfway since we don’t have a definite delivery date.  I’ve just been told 34 weeks.  On Wednesday I’ll be 31 weeks.

Nothing much new to report as far as babies go.  Still monitoring.  Occasional deceleration (dependent upon the nurse I get).  No ultrasounds.  Human incubating progress successful!

Mentally, the last week was ok.  I got a little frustrated towards the end of the week.  I know no one is trying to make it more difficult but there are days that it’s like I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, or something happens early, and it’s all down hill from there.  Sunday was one of those days!  I’ll skip all the details, but losing your sense of control over situations is quite possibly the hardest part of being stuck in the hospital.  Especially if you were very controlling prior!! (Pointing at myself). There is very little you can control about this situation.  I can probably count myself lucky I’m not ordered to bedrest & have a little more freedom than others.  It’s still hard.  Food and (a little bit) of scheduling is all you can control, and when those things mess up – WATCH OUT!!  My advice, that I can obviously give better than I can take is this, you’re going to have bad days and everyone will tell you to think about the babies.  It won’t make it easier.  It will still be hard.  But, you’ll go to bed and wake up the next day and hopefully it’s a little bit better!

My Advice for Antepartum Nurses:

  • Don’t take it personally.
  • For the love of all things holy – do NOT put those straps on tight.  & don’t automatically start with ALL the straps. 

The picture below is how one nurse strapped me on the FIRST time.  The monitors were pushing so hard into my stomach because everything was so tight, each tiny movement from the baby was painful.  Despite my “they really do better if everything isn’t so tight” I was told “this will work”.  I ended up crying during this hour of monitoring because it hurt so badly & the babies came off about 7 times.  I promise, I’m not just saying things to be difficult.  I’m trying to make it easier on us BOTH!!

The next picture was another nurse who hooked me up loosely.  I even rolled back and forth, sat up to grab something and both babies stayed on the monitors.  I was barely pulling on the strap for the picture to show the “give” I had! Two straps got the job done!!!  Guess what, that nurse didn’t have to come in once to readjust!  Easier monitoring for us BOTH!!

  • Communicate!  Seriously, be clear and transparent with what’s going on with the patient.  Trust me this one goes with control and being in the dark exasperates the problem.
  • Be on time.  I get it, you don’t just have one patient, but if you’re supposed to do something at a certain time really try to stick to that – or see the above ☝️ 
  • Enjoy the fact you get to go home after 12 hours, and I promise we understand your job is hard, but we don’t get to leave and when someone new comes in and we have to figure out someone new and every detail of how they observe and do things differently, well sometimes it’s frustrating and we may take that out on you.  Enjoy your wine at home & ignore my attitude!!!! 😊

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