Week Two – Hospital Observation



Another week has come and gone & I’m still here and the babies are still cooking!  I’ve become a little more used to the routine here.  Eat. Sleep. Monitor. Repeat.  That’s my new saying for being here, because it really is just about all you do.

I did get to have a growth ultrasound and see the babies which was exciting.  Cullen is measuring 2 pounds 13 ounces and Jack is 2 pounds 14 ounces.  Both boys are very big for twins and measuring a little ahead of their gestational age.  Praise the Lord!  I read that in the next 4 weeks, they will put on another 2-2.5 pounds on average… EACH.  I can’t even imagine them doubling in size.  Figuring out how in the world they are going to fit in there blows my mind!

straightjacketFor the most part monitoring has gone pretty well in the second week.  Nurses are looking for decelerations in baby’s heartbeat.  To be considered a variable deceleration the heartbeat will drop 15 BPM over a period of 15 seconds.  Our boys have had decelerations (but all babies do) but they recover quickly.  None of the decelerations have lasted more than a minute.  From what I’ve been told, that’s normal for all babies.  Of course they roll on their cord, or grab it, and there will be various decelerations.  They will recover.  It IS frustrating when it happens on the monitoring because some nurses make me start the whole hour over again when they see it.  I don’t like being on the monitors and neither do the boys.  It’s very uncomfortable.  Someone should really design a better system that doesn’t require tight straps and laying down.  I end up feeling like a crazy person at the end of the hour… or even worse the end of two hours!

Things I miss the most after two weeks…. or things I can’t wait to do when I’m out of here (besides love and cuddle my babies).

  1. TAKE A BATH.  Seriously, this one has been hard.  I took a bath every single night before coming here.  14 days of no bath before bed, or when I’m bored – UGH.  Sitting on the handicapped chair in the shower IS NOT the same!
  2. Sleep at 5:30am.  Ok, this may be wishful thinking with two new babies coming home.  But, I’ll pretend I’ll be able to sleep through this hour instead of waking up for monitoring!
  3. Eat fried catfish.  Ha, this one is a craving right now.  Guy’s DDD – Fried Food Edition didn’t help last night.  I can’t order catfish from #UberEATS (Get $10 off your first order with code: eats-jaimew915ue) because let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be good.  & I wouldn’t trust hospital seafood ever.  I really want some good fried catfish!
  4. Not being asked about my… bowel movements.  I really could do without this question every day.
  5. COOK.  I really miss being able to cook whatever I want, when I want, how I want.



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