Week One – Hospital Observation

Well I made it through the first week!!!!  I can’t say I did it gracefully, but I did it!  I cried a handful of times, probably got a little too snippy with some nurses, and I’m sure wasn’t the most peachy little thing to be around – which I’ll blame on hormones – while really knowing it’s a combination of my control issues, short fuse, and situation.


Hospital bedrest is something I do not think anyone can fully understand until they are living/lived it.  It’s exhausting – as I mentioned before.  Today was a wonderful day though, I actually advocated for myself… or at least asked some questions that resulted in big gains for this girl!  My doctor entered orders for Activity Ad Lib which means I can do what I want – or at least I do what I want within the confines of the hospital campus (which is really big) and my vital signs only have to be checked once per day instead of hourly!!  WOOHOO!!  I took full advantage of that today – I walked around/sat in different places for almost two hours total today.  I even put on some halfway decent clothes to do it.  It was refreshing & I’m tired as all get out.  Do nothing for a week then walk for almost 2 miles in total step, it’ll wear you out!  The babies monitored well today.  They really do well when they straps are loose and they aren’t being pressured down.


I think hubs has been having a difficult time adjusting to his new schedule at home.  Trying to shuttle two kids 30 minutes away to school and back, working out in the field for the first time in months, having a wife who can do nothing, oh and a daughter with a broken arm is a LOT.  Yeah, she broke her arm over the weekend to add excitement to our pretty dull story! 🙂  She’s doing well and we’ll check in with an orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday to get a better idea of what’s going on.

So, seven more days down that little Cullen and Jack have gotten to cook.  I will get a new growth scan at some point this weekend to see how much they’ve grown since two weeks ago!  We hit the 28 mark which is officially THIRD TRIMESTER baby and a great milestone! No signs of preterm labor.  Hooray for the end of week one.



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