Adjusting to Reality


I have been in the hospital for 3 days now and if anyone tells you it’s easy, well then I have a hard time believing that.  I know being pregnant is a hormonal roller coaster to say the least, but take a pregnant woman, put her in a hospital 24/7 with fetal monitoring 4 hours a day and that roller coaster just got a lot more exciting!

I wish I could sugar coat this for those that may be reading this knowing they are going to experience the same thing, but I can’t.  I want you to know the reality.  Yesterday was a VERY tough day for me – and sadly it was only day 2.  I am a sleeper by nature, coming into this everyone was like “oh you’ll sleep away the first week or so” or “enjoy your time resting before the babies”, heck even I thought some sound sleep doesn’t sound half bad.  I was sleeping rotten before anyway, and I got to make sure the babies were ok so I thought that would reassure my anxious side.  This schedule is not a relaxing, restful one – it’s exhausting and I’m not even supposed to be out of the bed! (More on that later)


My morning starts anywhere between 5-5:30am with my first round of EFM (Electronic Fetal Monitoring) which means I get strapped up over both babies plus a contraction monitor then I have to sit or lay relatively still in order to keep the babies heartbeats readable for an hour.  I get off that about 6-6:30, I attempt to go back to sleep once the monitors are off, and when I finally find the comfy position and just start to doze off one of two things happens… the doctors makes his morning rounds OR the breakfast meal will come neither of which I’m much interested in at 7:30am.  After that point every hour to hour and half someone comes to take my temperature and blood pressure.  At 10:30 we’re back on monitoring and this was the first breakdown point of yesterday, I think I had a very sweet young nurse who wanted to make sure everything was by the book, the last 15 minutes of my monitoring is always touch and go, these boys do NOT like being tied down (they sound like their Dad already) and that time they always come on/off, well they gave us hell… and since the nurse couldn’t get them to stay on the monitor the doctor ordered another HOUR of monitoring… she walked out and I just started crying.  My back was already hurting for staying in the bed, and staying still for two hours seemed tortuous, oh all the while my lunch was delivered and just sitting there.  I was too afraid to even sit up and TRY to eat for fear of knocking a baby off monitoring.  So, I cried and lost it a little bit.  We made it through the hour and I was taken off.  The highlight of the day was my hubby and kiddos came up to visit – I knew we had a little window and I was going to use that wheelchair time, so we went to the cafeteria, it was strange and awkward and I hate for kids to have to “hang out” in the hospital, but it was my first time out of the room in two days.  We got back at my 5:15pm time I told the nurse we could start the next round of monitoring, I got hooked up, the kids colored, hubby sat and watched some TV and then it was time for them to leave for dinner and school stuff.  I sadly said goodbye and remained on the monitors.  No issues this time and after an hour I was done, and dinner was here. Cafeteria food is a lot like school food… a lot to be desired which also adds to the mental adjustment.  I ate and KNEW I wanted to go to sleep as soon as I could, which meant that one more round of monitoring needed to happen earlier than the 11pm time it had been.  So, at 10:15pm they hooked me up – new nurse at this point and she’s apparently a fan of REALLY tight monitoring bands, so I was wrapped in about 12 of them the babies were off/on from the beginning and I knew I was in for a long round.  I was talking to hubby on the phone during and Baby B popped off, after watching for 5 minutes and not getting him back up on my own, I just started crying – I told my husband it was too hard to do this.  Note to any future bedrest husbands NEVER tell your wife to just remember THIS is the easy part.  I promise, it doesn’t make it better!  So I cried and cried and cried, and thought I was going to be on monitoring all night long.  Luckily, we got the baby back on and the nurse didn’t make me go any longer than the hour.  At the end of the hour I don’t know if she heard me on the phone or could tell I was exhausted but asked if I wanted anything to sleep… I finally took them up on the LD Ambien & I can say that was the best decision I’ve ever made.  I fell asleep quickly and slept like a rock!

Can’t get comfortable while monitoring

Today has been a much better day, two rounds of monitoring done, no tears or anxiety – I’m certain to tell every nurse who comes in that the boys like the monitors loose, for my sanity and comfort, their sanity and everyone else involved.  Both times we haven’t had an issue or had the boys kung fu their way out of the monitors.

So, I’ll end this with telling you if you are in the hospital, going to the hospital, or have someone you know in the hospital – a mental breakdown will probably happen.  It’s normal, well it was normal for me and I’m going to tell myself it’s a normal thing.  Ask for something to help with sleep and don’t be afraid to cry.


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