Welcome to Hospital Bedrest/Monitoring

What a whirlwind of a day.  It’s currently 12:30am as I start this post.  Today I was admitted to the antepartum unit of the hospital to begin my 7 weeks of monitoring.  A quick recap of how the day has gone…. as I experienced some major anxiety heading to the hospital because I had no idea what to expect.  If anyone is reading before their big day, yours may look differently but this is what I experienced!

Arrived at the hospital around 2:30pm went straight to the antepartum floor, which probably should have been straight to registration, but I was following doctor instructions.  Got my room.

Husband and I met the nurse and awkwardly just sat around as I’m sure some logistical computer magic had to happen since I hadn’t registered once I got here.  I did pre-register online though but I don’t think the information was sent through to them yet.  Again I was just following doctors orders!!

Lots of questions and background are entered into the computer.  Nurse broke down the day to day.  I really felt like she was a teacher and I was a new student coming to school on the 100th day, she was trying to remember everything she’s told 30 other kids a thousand times! 😆 oh and we get to set a daily goal – it’s completely like teaching learning targets.  My first one was totally given to me, and I love it because it looks about like my own learning targets on those crazy weeks – direct and to the point!

Goal Day 1

Mom & the kids came up after their movie.  Almost instantly the kids were bored and wondered how I would live here for two months.  Cant blame them I was thinking the same things!

Doctor came by (not my normal one, but another from the same practice) told me my velamentous cord insertion was “interesting” and he had seen the pictures.  Shortly after that I found out he will be the doctor I’ll see the most… and my favorite… I now officially have bed rest orders.  Yippee!  Monitoring babies 4 times per day for an hour (another surprise as I was told 15 minutes) but that’s ok.  Oh and I also got my first steroid shot to help with the babies lungs should they need it with coming early!   It’s not the worse shot I’ve had but it did get sore a little afterwards.

Hubby and kids left to go home and get ready for school tomorrow.  That was definitely weird to say bye!  I’m sure it gets more normal.  After that my mom and I got my room set up and everything unpacked.  This really made everything feel different.  My own sheets, mattress pad, and no clutter helped remove the hospital anxiety!

Monitoring for the second time (this time the full hour).  Babies were moving and not cooperating as they’ve done before, which led to me laying [or is it lying??] in a very uncomfortable spot so the monitors could pick them up.  We confirmed I am contracting, but babies are ok throughout and I don’t have pain so we’re adding it to a baseline.  Monitoring starts at 5 am then before lunch and dinner and finally before bed.

I snapped a photo of monitoring (with leg compression going on) in the most uncomfortable position I could have imagined!!

After my last round of vital checking at 11:30 I tried to call it a night.  As I’m really weird about noises for about an hour I just moved around and tried to get used to everything that was new.  At 12:30 my night nurse had to come in and inform me that I was getting my second shot.  I’m RH negative so I had to have that shot administered. What a fun midnight surprise!

So now here I lay [lie??] recalling today & not sleeping.  I guess that’s what he next 50+ days are for!  Ha!


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