The Nursery



Well, with a few days to spare I managed to pull together a halfway decent nursery.  I was beginning to think that hubs was going to have to finish it while I was in the hospital!  I’m so very happy with the finished result!  It is a mixture of themes – woodland, rustic, hunting, and Texas.

I am sure when the boys are old enough hubs will have real mounts on the wall but for now I went with some modified Target Christmas decorations.  Our cribs are Dream on Me mini cribs – so the mattress is the dimensions of a pack and play, but when you are having two going smaller is ok. I’m also counting on my genetics to be in play and having some small babies.  The rocker is a double rocker, and it’s huge, but I love it.  I have a mental picture of both babies with Mom or Dad in the middle of the night feeding in that chair.  The dresser/changing table was refinished by my momma from a quilt cabinet my great uncle made about 25 years ago.  Yes, it is still sturdy as heck.  It sat in my Papaw’s shop for quite a few years and then we took it as a project.  I think it’s perfect!  The wall decor is a mixture of wonderful gifts from a friend and Hobby Lobby.  I love Hobby Lobby sales – you can get SO MUCH!

I’m so excited to have this project finished & I absolutely love our nursery!


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