Two and a Half Months Later…

Well… here we are two and a half months later from my last post.  So much for keeping up with the pregnancy and all those thoughts I can’t remember longer than an hour.  I think pregnancy brain forgot I even had a blog, or life got in the way, one or the other.  So let’s recap the last few months…

Teaching While Pregnant

Wow.  This one threw me for a loop.  I have the best co-workers and administrators on the planet, who really helped make this easier.  However, if anyone asks… teaching and being pregnant is tough.  Going through all sorts of emotions and fatigue while educating the minds of 60 wonderful little friends, is a roller coaster.  The hardest part was walking from my classroom to the playground – it seemed so far away!  I have about 4 more days (after our Christmas break) to transition my classroom, then I have to say goodbye to my classroom and hello to a hospital.


Yep, this one is new.  We found out that I’ll have to go to the hospital at 28 weeks (4 weeks away) so that I can be monitored until the boys arrive.  Oh hey!  We are expecting two BOYS!  Baby B has something called velamentous cord insertion – which basically means his cord inserts into the membrane before running to the placenta.  The problem is that the cord is unprotected from the membrane to the placenta, so if my water breaks, the cord could break leaving Baby B in for some serious complications that require him to get out immediately.  Thus, I’ll be in the hospital to monitor for signs of labor and make sure that I’m where I need to get those babies out when they need to get out!  I’m trying to prepare the best I can, but who can really prepare to move their life to a hospital for 6 or so weeks away from their family?  I’m sure you’ll see lots of posts about this soon and what all I’ve gone through.  That’s been something I’ve looked for – other people and blogs from those mommies sentenced to the hospital for the well-being of their babies.  What to expect, what to bring, what to do… I’ll update you on what worked for me!


Well, as you’ve figured out by now, there are two BOYS inside.  Two very very very active boys!  I am 23 weeks along, both babies are measuring ahead of schedule (thank God!) and weighing in at 1 lb 4 oz and 1 lb 3 oz – both are growing and active.  It seems like every ultrasound they have a hard time getting them to sit still, which I understand, because I can feel them moving almost all the time.  It’s a pretty amazing feeling.  Going from not understanding what a kick felt like to the extreme awareness of every move and who it’s coming from.  Baby B is up top, so when I feel movement above the belly button I can be sure it’s him!  Anything below the belly button – Baby A!

That’s probably enough information for now!



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