Today marks the day we made it social media official – so I guess I can start sharing my thoughts, since I can’t remember them much longer than a few second.  Pregnancy brain is REAL people.  We’ve known we were expecting for almost two months, and started to share with close family, but now it’s out there for everyone.  What a BIG secret to keep, which is probably why I couldn’t do it for long!

So let’s back track a bit… we found out the week of my school in-service that we were expecting, talk about a whirl-wind of a week!! It was completely unexpected to say the least! Initially, I was extremely happy, then set in the anxiety and fear of not knowing if everything was ok. I called the doctor the next morning and got an appointment scheduled for two weeks later.  Those were the longest two weeks EVER!  Blood work. Done.  Wait another week. Then we got to see my wonderfully amazing OB for our first ultrasound. Little did we know what she would quickly say after putting the magic wand on my belly. “I have to stop and tell you guys something…. It’s twins” My hubs quickly responded she must be joking and to tell us something real.  After two or three more attempts to let us know she was NOT joking, we realized she was for real. Shock. Tears. Smiles. Disbelief. Wonder. Curiosity. Amazement. Gratefulness. A few of the words that happened in the next 15 minutes.  I couldn’t believe it, two little heartbeats… inside of me. Healthy looking babies. It was surreal. The drive home was a blur.  I remember saying “two” about four million times as my husband stared at the road saying very little beyond “Is two all you’re going to say?”

After a few days the shock and awe wore off and we were both excited for our new adventure that was in front of us.  We were going to become a family of SIX. We got to tell our two littles who were shocked, happy, and ready to go back to playing in the water about the news of our growing family. Of course, C is hoping for little girls and H would like little boys.  Shocker, I know.  We began planning all the surprise announcements we would have to make – with the added surprise of being twins!  It was so much fun telling everyone not only we were having a baby, but that we were having TWO and seeing all the reactions!  It always seemed to happen that people pretty much expected the baby announcement, you know being married almost a year and half… but when you throw in that there are TWO… brains explode.  It’s awesome. Although I didn’t get to record all the reactions they are FOREVER in my brain! I love all the memories!!

So, I guess here we go… 27 more weeks (if we make it all the way to the end) before we get to meet Pop Tart and Buck Shot.  Yes, they have nicknames that are ridiculous.





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